Catherine O'Sullivan

IT Business Analyst
Founder Aspire & Conquer
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About Me

I live in Dublin and am from Killarney in Kerry. Primarily I work as an IT Business Analyst but I would also describe myself as a Creator. Throughtout my career I have worked in Technology, as a Software Developer for many years and now as an Analyst. My other interests include Psychology and Personal Development and I am a qualified Coach. On the side I am currently creating a Digital Planner and I publish a weekly newsletter.

Articles I have written

Aspire & Conquer

As a side-project I am currently developing a Digital Planner.
It's features include:
Tasks - List & Track
Plan - Daily & Weekly Workflows
Time Blocking
Review Your Progress
Dashboard - Manage Everything

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Great Aspirations Newsletter

I send a weekly newsletter to my subscribers where I share my thoughts, insights and the best content finds on Personal Development, Psychology and Entrepreneurship.
I read, listen and watch a lot in these genres and share
the best of what I discover.

Website Development

Here are some websites I have developed for clients. If you would like to discuss a similar project,
contact me using the form below or call / text 087 4017521.

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